Friday, June 18, 2010

Foundation wall repair kits and solutions - Add Crackshield to your Toolbox!

Even existing companies sometimes run into situations that they just don't have a solution for. Many waterproofing companies, and even some general contractors, who have loads of work, referrals and brand recognition, will comeacross something that they can't fix. Typically this would be something as simple as a basement wall crack that needs to be repaired.

Do you loose business because you can't provide a solution?
As business owners, you know that if you don't have a solution, you have to give work away. You may have a relationship like that locally. Plumbers will give an Electrician friend a lead, and vise versa. But as a contractor, what if you could provide a solution for repairing a basement wall crack? Would you give away less business? Would you be able to reach out to more homeowners? Would you be able to reach out to other businesses with your solution?

By taking on a simple foundation wall crack solution you can open up doors in your state to get you more business, more recognition, and more importantly, name recognition.

Make more money - help more customers!
Providing more solutions to more people allow you to become the expert in your field. Having the right tools in your toolbox allow you solve more problems and help more people, and helping people while being profitable is what being a Contractor is all about.

CrackShield is a 2 step process that any contractor can be trained to install correctly. Once trained wall cracks in foundations can be easily repaired and warrantied by a Nationally supported warranty. This will set you and your business apart from your competition and allow you to handle more business with more confidence. In this economy, adding another solution to your toolbox will help keep your company going and help keep your workers working.

Consider CrackShield for your toolbox by visiting and see about joining the Grate Products family of contractors.

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