Friday, July 2, 2010

Calling all Chicago Contractors

Grate Products is coming to Chicago later in July with information about how to become a contractor in our network, and more importantly, with the ability to gain access to solutions like Grate Drain and CrackShield.

Crackshield is ideal for contractors in areas where foundation problems are common place. With a city as old as Chicago, foundations come in many shapes, sizes and types that require regular maintenance. Why not take advantage of that fact and add foundation crack repair to your business?

More details to come on the dates, times, and location of the Grate Products meeting in Chicago.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Foundation wall repair kits and solutions - Add Crackshield to your Toolbox!

Even existing companies sometimes run into situations that they just don't have a solution for. Many waterproofing companies, and even some general contractors, who have loads of work, referrals and brand recognition, will comeacross something that they can't fix. Typically this would be something as simple as a basement wall crack that needs to be repaired.

Do you loose business because you can't provide a solution?
As business owners, you know that if you don't have a solution, you have to give work away. You may have a relationship like that locally. Plumbers will give an Electrician friend a lead, and vise versa. But as a contractor, what if you could provide a solution for repairing a basement wall crack? Would you give away less business? Would you be able to reach out to more homeowners? Would you be able to reach out to other businesses with your solution?

By taking on a simple foundation wall crack solution you can open up doors in your state to get you more business, more recognition, and more importantly, name recognition.

Make more money - help more customers!
Providing more solutions to more people allow you to become the expert in your field. Having the right tools in your toolbox allow you solve more problems and help more people, and helping people while being profitable is what being a Contractor is all about.

CrackShield is a 2 step process that any contractor can be trained to install correctly. Once trained wall cracks in foundations can be easily repaired and warrantied by a Nationally supported warranty. This will set you and your business apart from your competition and allow you to handle more business with more confidence. In this economy, adding another solution to your toolbox will help keep your company going and help keep your workers working.

Consider CrackShield for your toolbox by visiting and see about joining the Grate Products family of contractors.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Crack Injections - Why CrackShield includes epoxy injection in it's foundation repair process.

CrakShield, a two part foundation wall crack repair system, includes epoxy injections in its' process.

Epoxy injection has evolved into a system of repair that is reliable and carries with it very long and trusted warranties on the work. Having multiple epoxies on the market can make it hard to figure out which is best for each repair. Considering that CrackShield is a two part system, it's choice in epoxy for the injection process is one that will last considerably longer in conjunction with the structural repair portion of the product.

CrackShield's epoxy is a hydrophobic injection process. This means that it will push water out and expands in the void left by the crack in the concrete. Using a hydrophilic epoxy would actually require being wet to stay at it's full expansion, where as CrackSheild's epoxy does not.

This gives you a few distinct advantages:

1.) It fills the whole void: Expansion into the joint and filling the whole void is what injection is all about. Filling this void is faster and cleaner with epoxy as well as more reliable. Hydraulic cement is normally only used for patch work, it will become brittle over time, and can't easily be forced into a hole/crack/opening as easily as Epoxy can be.

2.) Doesn't need to be moist: water won't always come in contact with the crack. By using an epoxy that doesn't require water to stay expanded, the injection will stay expanded and ridged for longer, which means your foundation crack will stay filled and repaired longer.

Once the crack is fully injected the structural fiber reinforcement strips can be applied directly over the epoxy. The void is now filled and sealed, and now the fiber strips will physically repair the wall and give added strength to the weak point in the wall. CrackShield is perfect for all of your Foundation Wall Crack Repair needs.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Business Opportunity - Foundation Repair Industry

The foundation repair industry is often overlooked by companies and entrepreneurs looking for a way to build their brand. It requires highly skilled, highly trained professionals to do hands on work for homeowners. This shouldn't deter you from becoming trained and growing a business. A job that takes training, skill, and expertise is exactly what's going to set you apart from other companies in your area.

Any old DIY person who runs into a home depot can apply hydraulic cement to a crack and say "look, I fixed it." But after you're trained you'll see that repair as mealy cosmetic. You'll know that that particular crack isn't truly repaired and that, eventually, it will leak or crack again in the same space.

You can bring a successful, tested and proven solution to this homeowner and show them you have the confidence and skill to apply it to their issue. You can set yourself apart by having a solution that works, the knowledge to make it work, and the warranty to back it up. Already you're a better choice than many contractors out there, just by being trained and certified in CrackShield.

Any business needs an edge and that's exactly what CrackShield can do for your business and for your brand. Everyone starts from somewhere, but starting off with a great product and great training will put you miles ahead of other local competition. Using a 2 part process to not only fill and repair the crack, but structurally repair the separation is something that not many contractors have in their toolbox.

From here you can simply market your specialty. Many contractors could even use you and have you do work for a project they're in the middle of. Referrals from family, friends and customers will eventually come as you build yourself up in your community. CrackShield, and training from the Grate Products network can help get you started to having a successful foundation wall crack repair company in your area with exclusive territory, a wealth of knowledge and support, and most importantly a leg-up on your competition by having the best repair method on the block.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Crack Repair kits for New Service Contractors

foundation wall crack
New companies looking for long term, sustainable, and profitable solutions are turning more and more to crack repair and foundation repair.

A simple kit, training, and support from a contractor network is all that a small company needs to be successful. Any area in the United States or Canada has a need for someone, or some company, that has the special training to provide quality and professional foundation crack repair solutions at reasonable prices.

Foundation and basement wall cracks eventually appear in every foundation construction style known to modern technology. Having a solution will enable your small business to provide solutions to homeowners with basement wall cracks and also to business owners and property management companies.

With very little investment for product a small company can see a great deal of growth in even their first year. With future marketing efforts, and web site development, a small company can help to provide a needed service with a sustainable future. Places like Chicago, Boston, LA, Seattle, and even Miami have foundations that are cracking and need repair due to countless reasons.

Get trained to install CrackShield today through Grate Products LLC and add a solution to your contractor tool set that will set you apart from your competition.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Construction news from around the United States

Second hearing on flood prevention projects in Cranston, RI

Rhode Island DOT

Hands on Disaster Response
(other news on Tennessee, Haiti, and other National/International Disaster Response)

$149M flood aid for RI, Tenn. passes key vote May 13th, 2010
"PROVIDENCE, R.I.—A key U.S. Senate panel on Thursday approved a bill to provide $149 million in aid for Rhode Island and Tennessee along with..." (Read More)

Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Ways repairing foundation cracks can help protect the home.

Most contractors and homeowners don't truly understand the importance in repairing foundation cracks. Since your foundation holds your home up, small fractures and shifts can cause large problems on the floors above.

Here are three benefits to having a foundation crack fixed properly:

1.) Stop water leaks- water often finds its way into a basement through weak points and direct openings into the basement. Sealing and repair a foundation wall crack can easily help control and redirect the water into a drain system or other method of extraction. Keeping your basement from flooding or having excess moisture can also help to control the air quality that starts in the basement. The less moisture and water in a basement, the healthier it is.

2.) Radon minimization - Radon, like water, will find its way through holes and separations in the foundation wall. Repairing and sealing these separations will help to limit the amount of radon gas that can force its way into the home. If you do have a radon problem, it's important that (even after having a foundation repair done) you test every 2 years. If the levels ever get above the EPA's acceptable radon levels a radon mitigation system might still need to be installed.

3.) Minimize further problems upstairs - Foundation settling is something you can visibly experience on the 1st and 2nd floors of a home or building. Doors and windows will stick, wall cracks will appear in the plaster and dry wall, ceiling cracks might form at a pivot point above a pair of foundation cracks, etc. Whatever the case, if the foundation problem becomes too out of control it is very possible that larger problems such as collapse can happen. Attending to small foundation problems can have a large, and helpful, impact on the house as a whole.

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If you're looking for a solution as a contractor or as a homeowner, CrackShield is a foundation wall crack repair solution that can be easily learned and easily applied.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Foundation Wall Cracks - CrackShield Can fix it

Crack Shield offers an effective way to deal with both causes of foundation cracks. Offering this service can help make your company open to new business while providing a safe, effective, and industry tested solution for repair.

What causes a foundation wall crack?
The pushing and pulling of the earth upon the foundation walls shifts soil keeping the walls level. Eventually with the added weight of the home and the lack of support by the soil, a concrete wall will shift and crack along it's weak point.

Cracking of a foundation wall can happen at any point during it's lifespan. Most cracks occur from settling or during the curing (drying) process of the concrete. But the few that are caused by structural issues need to be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid any future damage to the rest of the home.

Providing a solution that repairs and seals the wall crack:
For contractors it's very important to have a solution that can not only fill and plug the crack, but to physically repair it. For that the CrackShield system by Grate Products is a great answer for your tool box.

The injection portion of CrackShield will fill and seal the crack formed by movement. The Carbon Fiber supports will actually weld the wall back together - keeping it from expanding at that same crack location.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Contractor Solutions - Repairing Cracks for homeowners

To be marketable as a contractor, general or specifically trained, you constantly have to add to your wealth of knowledge. Taking classes, talking to colleges, visiting home shows, or talking with product companies are all part of the job. The bottom line is, can you find solutions for your clients that are both cost effective and the right thing to do?

Most Contractors have issues finding the right products for the jobs their handeling. What makes it easy is when a company can offer a product to fit a specific solution that can help make you more profitable and help you to expand your reach to new customers looking for your help.

Grate Products LLC recently created Crack Shield which is a combination of 2 tested and trusted methods of foundation repair into 1 helpful package. Crack Shield not only fills and repairs foundation cracks, it also adds strength back into the wall.

Crack repair is a continuous industry with very little room for error. With the amount of concrete being used in modern construction, residential and commercial, introducing Crack Shield into your tool box can help to increase your company's life, profit, and productivity.