Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Foundation Wall Cracks - CrackShield Can fix it

Crack Shield offers an effective way to deal with both causes of foundation cracks. Offering this service can help make your company open to new business while providing a safe, effective, and industry tested solution for repair.

What causes a foundation wall crack?
The pushing and pulling of the earth upon the foundation walls shifts soil keeping the walls level. Eventually with the added weight of the home and the lack of support by the soil, a concrete wall will shift and crack along it's weak point.

Cracking of a foundation wall can happen at any point during it's lifespan. Most cracks occur from settling or during the curing (drying) process of the concrete. But the few that are caused by structural issues need to be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid any future damage to the rest of the home.

Providing a solution that repairs and seals the wall crack:
For contractors it's very important to have a solution that can not only fill and plug the crack, but to physically repair it. For that the CrackShield system by Grate Products is a great answer for your tool box.

The injection portion of CrackShield will fill and seal the crack formed by movement. The Carbon Fiber supports will actually weld the wall back together - keeping it from expanding at that same crack location.

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