Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Ways repairing foundation cracks can help protect the home.

Most contractors and homeowners don't truly understand the importance in repairing foundation cracks. Since your foundation holds your home up, small fractures and shifts can cause large problems on the floors above.

Here are three benefits to having a foundation crack fixed properly:

1.) Stop water leaks- water often finds its way into a basement through weak points and direct openings into the basement. Sealing and repair a foundation wall crack can easily help control and redirect the water into a drain system or other method of extraction. Keeping your basement from flooding or having excess moisture can also help to control the air quality that starts in the basement. The less moisture and water in a basement, the healthier it is.

2.) Radon minimization - Radon, like water, will find its way through holes and separations in the foundation wall. Repairing and sealing these separations will help to limit the amount of radon gas that can force its way into the home. If you do have a radon problem, it's important that (even after having a foundation repair done) you test every 2 years. If the levels ever get above the EPA's acceptable radon levels a radon mitigation system might still need to be installed.

3.) Minimize further problems upstairs - Foundation settling is something you can visibly experience on the 1st and 2nd floors of a home or building. Doors and windows will stick, wall cracks will appear in the plaster and dry wall, ceiling cracks might form at a pivot point above a pair of foundation cracks, etc. Whatever the case, if the foundation problem becomes too out of control it is very possible that larger problems such as collapse can happen. Attending to small foundation problems can have a large, and helpful, impact on the house as a whole.

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