Friday, May 28, 2010

Business Opportunity - Foundation Repair Industry

The foundation repair industry is often overlooked by companies and entrepreneurs looking for a way to build their brand. It requires highly skilled, highly trained professionals to do hands on work for homeowners. This shouldn't deter you from becoming trained and growing a business. A job that takes training, skill, and expertise is exactly what's going to set you apart from other companies in your area.

Any old DIY person who runs into a home depot can apply hydraulic cement to a crack and say "look, I fixed it." But after you're trained you'll see that repair as mealy cosmetic. You'll know that that particular crack isn't truly repaired and that, eventually, it will leak or crack again in the same space.

You can bring a successful, tested and proven solution to this homeowner and show them you have the confidence and skill to apply it to their issue. You can set yourself apart by having a solution that works, the knowledge to make it work, and the warranty to back it up. Already you're a better choice than many contractors out there, just by being trained and certified in CrackShield.

Any business needs an edge and that's exactly what CrackShield can do for your business and for your brand. Everyone starts from somewhere, but starting off with a great product and great training will put you miles ahead of other local competition. Using a 2 part process to not only fill and repair the crack, but structurally repair the separation is something that not many contractors have in their toolbox.

From here you can simply market your specialty. Many contractors could even use you and have you do work for a project they're in the middle of. Referrals from family, friends and customers will eventually come as you build yourself up in your community. CrackShield, and training from the Grate Products network can help get you started to having a successful foundation wall crack repair company in your area with exclusive territory, a wealth of knowledge and support, and most importantly a leg-up on your competition by having the best repair method on the block.

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